Water Condensation With Mograph, Greyscalegorilla

Water Condensation With Mograph, Greyscalegorilla

Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla gives an excellent, in depth, 3-part tutorial on how to make realistic condensation on the outside of a can.

This tutorial is for anyone using Cinema 4D R18 Broadcast or Studio. You’ll need HDRI Maps for lighting or HDRI Studio Rig for Physical, or HDRI Link. Arnold Render is used in part three of the tutorial. Chad says that you’ll also need a soda can model, and suggests that you either get it from the content browser or you can download a free can here.

Water Condensation With Mograph, part 1 of 3

Water Condensation With Physical Renderer, part 2 of 3

Water Condensation With Arnold, part 3 of 3

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki