v3.1S Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro for Cinema 4D

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Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro for Cinema 4D

Real Studio Lights for Cinema 4D

Light Kit Pro 3 is a studio lighting plugin for Cinema 4D, compatible with Standard, Physical, Arnold, Octane, and Redshift renderers.

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The original Greyscalegorilla plugin, rebuilt and reimagined for today’s 3D artists. This is the all-new Light Kit Pro 3. Create professional studio lighting for products and objects with total control.

Build entire studios from scratch, or choose from a wide selection of studio presets. Use Render Switch to easily change between built-in and third-party render engines. With Light Kit Pro 3, you have countless options for customizing your lighting.

Light Kit Pro 3 Features:

  • 7 studio light types
    • Softbox, Umbrella, Kino Flo, LED Ring, Ring, Panel, Ambient
  • 9 customizable cyc objects for quick backdrops
  • Render Switch
    • Compatible with Standard, Physical, Arnold, Octane, Redshift
  • Build and save custom studios
  • 40 Studio Essentials presets
  • Light Kit Browser
  • Dock light and cyc dropdown menus
  • Three Viewport modes
  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R14 and above
  • Available for Mac and PC
  • Product training series included
  • Upgrade pricing for existing Light Kit Pro users


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A decade after the original Light Kit Pro simplified 3D lighting, the landscape has completely changed. HDRI are everywhere, 3D artists work in multiple industries, and motion designers now rely on several third-party render engines. We wanted to make lighting easier, again.

What if you had more control than just lighting with HDRI alone? What if you could get studio quality lighting in an instant? What if your could light faster and switch between render engines?

Now you can have all of that, and so much more, with Light Kit Pro 3.

Your New Light Kit

Light Kit Pro 3 introduces seven new light types. Have total control over Softbox, Umbrella, Kino Flo, LED Ring, Ring, Panel, and Ambient lights. Each light includes unique parameters and unique geometry.

The popular softbox light has been rebuilt into a customizable softbox, giving you the ability to create countless light shapes with unprecedented control over your reflections. The softbox now allows for multiple edges, meaning you can choose between a three-sided, square, round, or octagonal softbox.

gsg light kit pro 3

All seven lights includes optional physical objects for the surface, housing, stands, and mounts. This will create more realistic reflections and parallax. You will have separate control over the cast light and the reflected light, allowing you to precisely dial in a look. You can independently brighten a reflection without affecting the overall brightness.

To make overall light adjustments easier, we’ve introduced several new controls. New light placement controls allow for easy targeting, distance, rotation, pitch, and tilt. Keep track of each of your lights with custom light icons that adapt to the color temperature of your lights.

Trying to solo a particular light? Just double-click to isolate. Need to know how a light is being cast on an object? Hop into POV Placement to see the light’s perspective and dial in with absolute precision.

Want to adjust the global scale, intensity, temperature, or tint of all the lights in your scene? Use the new Light Kit Studio object and parent all child lights for easy control. Worried about how the light will work in other renderers? We have carefully calibrated every light to look as similar as possible when using the new Render Switch feature.

So Much More Than Lights

Studio lights are only the beginning. Complete your studio with instant backdrops, or select from professionally lit studio presets.

Instant Backgrounds and Platforms

Light Kit Pro 3 introduces 9 customizable cyc objects, L-curve, S-curve, C-curve, half pipe, corner, curve cove, half dome, dome, and cylinder stand.

Each cyc (cyclorama) object allows for easy adjustments of length, width, height, depth, and curve.

Render-Ready Studios

Light Kit Pro 3 gives you the ease of creating your own studios using the lights and cyc objects, allowing you to save your own custom Light Kit Pro Studios for future use. In addition, the plugin ships with 40 Studio Essential presets, professionally built lighting studios that are render-ready so you only have to drop your object into your scene and go.

All studio presets can be adjusted, customized, and saved as new studio presets. Additional studio presets are available to purchase, including 40 Product Studios for commercial product renders, and 40 Pop Studios that are vibrant and colorful for motion graphics and design.

Browse and Search Presets

gsg light kit pro 3

Easily browse through all the studio presets with the new Light Kit Browser. Scroll through your options, or search for specific presets.

You can adjust a studio’s scale, rotation, and position with ease, letting you quickly fit a studio to your scene. Scaling a studio will not affect the brightness of the lights. If you are switching between studio presets, studios will automatically adapt to your most recent settings.

Work Faster, No Matter How You Work

With new features like Render Switch, you can still work with the popular render engines already in your workflow. Are you an advanced user? Jump into expert controls for ultimate customization.

Render Switch

gsg light kit pro 3

One of the most anticipated new features in Light Kit Pro 3, Render Switch will allow you to switch your studios between Standard, Physical, Arnold, Octane, and Redshift renderers.

After adjusting your render settings, it will only take two clicks to switch between renderers, and Light Kit Pro 3 will maintain all lighting and geometry. Every light has been calibrated to look more realistic, no matter which renderer you use.

Expert Controls

Are you an advanced user looking for even more control over your lights and studios? Expose the light and compositing tags to get fine grain control when you need it. Light Kit Pro 3 is user friendly, allowing you to not only customize your lighting, but also the plugin itself.

gsg light kit pro 3

Requires Cinema 4D R14 and above, including R21 and Lite. Runs on Mac or PC operating system. Compatible with select third-party renderers.

*Please Note: GSG Products do not support ProRender

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Customer Reviews

This newest version hits a home run for usability and flexibility. Time-saver with so many easy-to-access adjustments, and invaluable when working with multiple renders under various conditions. GSG put a whole lot of thought into improvements. A no-brainer as a upgrade to previous versions.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Jeff Hanson
Date: March 05, 2019

I use the Light Kit Pro a lot. I have a lot of Greyscale products but this is by far my favorite.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Richard Swindell
Date: December 27, 2017

Great Time Saver

This kit has been a great time saver to have in terms of lighting… The light kit is easy to install and use and there are a lot of different setups to choose from… It's always a good jumping off place to start from with lighting… to get something in there and start tweaking… One rig I wish they had was a classic three light product rig with a seamless… but other than that I have found a lot of use for this kit and it saves a lot of time as the lights have a ton of edit options to customize them to fit your needs.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Ryan Vincent
Date: July 24, 2014

Light Kit Pro 3.1S

  • Added Compatibility for Cinema 4D S22

Light Kit Pro 3.1

  • Overhauled LKP3 for Octane
  • Reworked Ambient light in all supported render engines
  • Fixed seam issues with Cyc
  • Fixed Geometry Render Warning in Redshift
  • Fixed missing textures in Redshift
  • Fixed LKP3 texture path overriding
  • Automatically sets Octane Environment to Black (Option in Browser Settings)
  • Fixed scaling issues when extremely large or extremely small
  • Reworked light scaling algorithm for better matching lights
  • Updated thumbnail previews

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